Who we are?

The website was created based on experience of developing estimating procedures. Our team has implemented automated estimating functions that were developed for some Duct fabrication shops of NYC.

Is it still trial version?

YES! It is still free sheet metal duct fabrication estimator! Thanks all you who are participated in the ductworkshop.com website review. During last months, based on your remarks and concerns, we are fixed some bugs and improved our site performance! Try it now!

Why register?

As we have many users with our website we have to differentiate their accounts. Each user has access only to his/her calculations. You can register with fake e-mail address, we do not check it. You cag get your result by e-mail.

How long is the trial version?

The trial version will be available for 30 days. Then, it will be a charge for each calculation. Also, monthly and yearly subscription will be available.

Could it be converted into E-Commerce website?

Yes, all our procedures could be migrated into your website (if you do not have one we can fix the problem). PayPal or any other merchant system could be utilized for payment accepting.

May I get the website?

Yes, this is negotiable. You can get just domain name: ductworkshop.com or the domain name with the website. The website could be reshaped according your requests or we can put all our procedures in another website skin. Also, we will provide hosting and support.